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Here Are Some Amazing Ideas to Style up Your Salon Interiors!

Setting up your salon before the big opening can be exhilarating, and at the same time, extremely frustrating. There are a lot of things to consider before opening your salon to clients, such as products, price lists, salon layout, and salon interiors.

Remember, you want to make a good impression when you unveil your salon, so you should ensure that your salon interiors are on point to attract customers! 

A striking interior can grab the attention of prospective clients, so it’s imperative to really focus on what interior design to put in your business. 

Your workplace shouldn’t just be beautifully designed. It must also convey coziness and relaxation for all of your customers while availing your services. Of course, if you’re not an interior designer, this may seem like a daunting task. But no worries! 

Creating a salon business should be fun and exciting, so here are helpful salon interiors tips that will get your business started in no time! 

1. Don’t skimp on the small details 

From the way you display your products up to the colors on the walls, every detail you put in your salon matters. No feature is too small when it comes to salon interiors, so make sure that your stations are in uniform, your products are displayed aesthetically, your towels match– you get the idea. 

2. Invest in some greenery

Why not go green in your salon interior design? Adding plants in your workplace will emanate a calm and relaxing feel without being overbearing. They also give a pop of color that’s pleasant to the eyes! 

3. Stick to your aesthetic

Once you’ve finally decided to go with your chosen aesthetic, stick to it at all times. Your entire salon design should be matching and cohesive. If you want your waiting area to be clad in black and white, carry that theme all throughout your space. 

You want a modern-meets-chic entryway? Your stations should reflect that design as well. Having more than one aesthetic in your salon interiors will only confuse your clients. 

4. Think outside the walls

When thinking about your salon interiors, don’t just limit your design to the walls. Include the floors and ceilings too to make everything more seamless. Small details, such as painting the rooms white to make it look more spacious or brightening up your place with a colorful ceiling, can help your clients feel more relaxed while they’re getting their hair done. 

5. Check your mirrors

You might think it’s not essential, but picking the right mirrors can help improve the overall look of your salon interiors. If you want a sleeker feel, go for naked mirrors. Framed mirrors can make your space feel homier, while single-station mirrors can feel very intimate.

You can also opt for huge, multi-station mirrors so your salon can look more open and spacious. Of course, when it’s time to install your mirrors, always keep your lighting in mind. You don’t want your clients to get blinded by when they look at your mirrors!

6. Get your flow right

When coming up with the right flow of your salon interiors, try to think from a customer’s point of view and try to get your layout to make sense. Do you want your clients to drop by their stations to discuss what service they want, or do you want your washing stations to be the first place they sit down? 

Is your waiting area positioned in front of your space, or is it placed at the back? Ensure the lineup of your decorations to be cohesive with your space’s function flow. 

7. Get yourself a statement wall

Sometimes, there is just one bland, plain wall that you don’t know what to do with. When your salon has one of these, turn it into a statement wall for a bit of a wow factor in your space. 

Just hang any big and bold art piece to that wall, and clients will be impressed. Any art piece will do. Large-size minimalist paintings are so aesthetic to look at, and they work in any commercial environment. 

If you have the cash, you can go to a gallery and get a couple of masterpieces. It doesn’t even have to be salon-related. As long as it’s bold and attention-seeking, it works! 

8. Complement your space

Rather than starting from scratch and completely transforming your space, you can try designing your salon interior by leaning into the vibe that your area emanates. You have concrete walls and floors? Try opting for a modern design. 

Your space has exposed ductwork? Turn your salon into something rustic. Also, don’t forget to match your salon equipment with the look of your space. 

9. Invest in good lighting

Believe it or not, your lighting plays a massive part in your salon interior design. Even if you did an excellent job on a client, if the lighting does not properly complement their look, you might get a negative review. 

Don’t just place lamps and overhead bulbs everywhere without thinking it through. If your space has huge windows, utilize your natural lighting! If you want a more flattering vibe, choose warm bulbs. 

You must also decide if your space would look better with standing lamps, overhead lighting, or behind-the mirror-lights. Make sure that no shadow will overlap where your client will be sitting!

10. Experiment with different colors 

Although black and white is a classic color combo, don’t be afraid of introducing other colors to your salon interior design. Every color portrays a different message and can shift the whole look of your salon. 

Want to go with a vintage vibe? Stick with soft shades such as peach and brown. Blending white with silver and red makes your place look commanding, or you can play safe and include standard salon colors such as lime, dark purple, orange, and red.


Designing your salon interiors is a rewarding, fun, and essential step for your salon business. Just remember the details, keep the energy flowing, and your layout consistent, and you have one awesome-looking salon everyone will check out. Good luck!

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