how much to tip a hair stylist

Useful Guide on How Much You Should Tip Your Hair Stylist

Do you love going to the hair salon and getting your hair done? Of course, you do. Who doesn’t, right? 

Salon trips are fun because you get to relax, sit back, and have a chat with your favorite hair stylist while you get your hair done and styled. However, if you’re like the rest of us, there’s always that awkward part when you get to the checkout counter. 

How much do you tip your hair stylist? Should you give a tip to the salon assistant who shampooed your hair as well? Is there a fixed price on tips that you should know?

In this article, we are going to discuss everything about tipping your hair stylist, what to do, what not to do, and more, so read on!

What’s the Golden Rule of Tipping?

Just like your average restaurant servers, hair stylists depend on tips as part of their income. When it comes to the actual price, just remember the golden rule of tipping: always add 20 percent to the whole bill. 

Although it’s not mandatory, it’s still common practice. And frankly, it’s what your hair stylist expects every time you avail their services. Whether you had a haircut, a blowdry, or new hair color, always give back a 20 percent tip to your hair stylist. 

Speaking of hair color, though, if your hair stylist spent like half a day on doing your hair, it’s proper etiquette to up your tip to maybe 22-25 percent, especially if you love the look in the end!

Cash or Credit Card?

When it comes to tips, it’s always better when you give it in cash because not all salons allow customers to leave a tip on a credit card. According to Sharon Schweitzer, international etiquette expert and the founder of Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide, “Our society is slowly becoming cashless, but in the world of tipping, cash is king.”

Make sure to always bring enough cash with you on your next hair appointment. Most salons post the ranges or prices of their services online, so you could easily calculate or gauge how much cash you should reserve for tips.

What About Tips on Discounted Services?

Be honest. You sometimes wait for your salon to whip up some promo offers on hair services before you go in and have an appointment to save some bucks. That’s okay. We totally do the same! 

However, when it comes to tipping, always give a 20 percent tip based on the actual price of the service, not the discounted amount. 

You know why? Because even though you got your coveted hairdo in just a fraction of the original price, the hair stylist who did your hair worked just as if you paid the actual cost of the hair service, so they deserve the same amount of tip!

If you don’t have any idea on what the original price of the discounted service you availed, you could always inquire at the front desk so they could help you calculate your tips!

What’s a Holiday Tip?

There is actually no written rule on how much you should tip your hair stylist during the holidays, but it’s nice if you could take it up a notch than your usual 20 percent. 

For example, if you see your favorite hair stylist once a month, you can give a 30 percent tip instead of 20 percent during the holiday season to say thank you for their one year worth of services. 

The holiday season is usually the time when unexpected costs occur. If you show some love to your hair stylist by giving 30 percent tip, you’ll undoubtedly make someone’s holidays happier!

When Should You Not Tip?

The only time when you should not tip your hair stylist is when you’re buying a hair product from them. When your hair stylist sells you something, it’s given that she probably included her cut in the price. 

You should only give tips when your hair stylist actually gives you a hairstyling service, not when they offer you a product. 

Also, when it comes to bad service or bad hair experience, it’s totally up to your preference if you still want to tip your stylist or not. If you still want to, though, just use the 20 percent as a guide, and you can lessen your tip to 10-15 percent if you like. After all, you didn’t get the style that you wanted!

Should You Always Tip Your Hair Stylist?

Yes. Tipping your hair stylist is considered as a form of proper etiquette. If you’re feeling stingy, just think of it not as an obligation, but a chance to show some love and gratuity to someone who makes you feel and look your best. 

Not to mention, tipping your hair stylist generously pays off in a number of ways. You might get free touch-ups or bang trims in the future, or other exclusive perks when you come back!

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