Hair Stylist Business Cards Tips and Designs That Work

Contrary to what everyone might think, business cards are still RELEVANT this 2020. Don’t believe anybody who says that hair stylist business cards are obsolete because they’re still an excellent tool in sharing information with your clients.

If you’re a hairstylist who’s just starting out, or if you want to reach more clients through a more organic network, then make sure to get going on your personalized hair stylist business cards. 

Don’t have any idea how to begin? Here are some great tips to get started!

What Should a Hair Stylist Business Card Contain?

If you want prospective clients to book appointments with you FAST, then making your own hairstylist business card is an essential key to growing your business. 

It’s an old-fashioned way of networking, but we’re telling you that if you do it right, people will be lining up your door in no time! 

So first things first, what details should you put in your business card? 

  • Your brand name – Some hairstylists go by a professional brand name. But if you prefer to use your personal name for business, that’s also fine. 
  • Your expertise – What do you specialize in? Hair cuts? Hair color? Both? Whatever it is, don’t forget to include it on your business card!
  • Your contact info – Your hairstylist business card won’t make sense if you don’t put in your address and contact number!
  • Your brand icon – This is useful, especially when you want to develop your personal brand as a hairstylist. It can be any logo that represents you and your business.

Unique Hair Stylist Business Card Design Examples

When it comes to business cards, design plays a massive part in your prospective customers’ decision to throw your card away or keep it in their person. 

You don’t want to print out hundreds of dull, boring, and generic business cards with just your name and contact number and hope for the best. 

You want to make a statement with your business card. Depending on what your style is, you want your clients to feel it just by holding your card instantly.

There are a lot of directions to go for when it comes to hairstylist business card design, so here are some great examples that caught our eye!

Interactive Design

hair stylist business cards interactive design

If you really want to make a mark with your clients, then take the time to make a hair stylist business cards with interactive design. Here is a great example: 

This business card gives the clients a chance to cut their own preferred hairstyle to see if it suits them. 

The idea is fun, and they will probably give you a ring after this! You can also design a writeable one where they can draw and color the style that they like.

Creativity With Value

hair stylist business cards creativity

As a professional hairstylist, you should know how to treat your clients with your value. Want to give them an excellent first impression? Show them with your business card! 

This example is very creative. The hairstylist used the simple and everyday experience of losing a bobby pin, so she designed her business card as a bobby pin holder– with the contact information displayed nicely on the card!


hair stylist business cards expertise

If you want to be known for a specific hairstyling skill, then show it off on your business card. This example is excellent because the card clearly shows that a hairstylist specializes in hair color. 

However, don’t forget to list your other services as well. You want your clients to think you can cater to different kinds of hair styling needs, not just one!

Business Card/ Appointment Card

Depending on the material of your business card, they can get quite pricey to print, so make sure to utilize all the space possible! 

One creative way of doing so is by doubling your business card as an appointment card. This example shows the overall design of the card with the name of the stylist in bold font, while the back shows your next appointment date. 

Doing this also means that your business card will be held on by your clients and will not be thrown away. Don’t forget to list your contact information on the back!

Hair Stylist Business Cards / Loyalty Card

Here’s another excellent example of adding value to your business card. Loyalty cards are a great marketing idea because it pushes your clients to come back again and again because of the added freebies! 

In this example, The business card is foldable, with the contact information at the top and the loyalty card freebies at the bottom. Every time the client comes in, the hairstylist will check the corresponding box, and the client gets discounts off the services. So smart!


If you have the budget to spare, you can opt for a business card with a letterpress design for a more professional and elegant look. 

This example took on a more minimalistic approach with the details on letterpress, and it looks so pretty and soft in person that it would be a waste for people to let this go!


Stay ahead of your competitors with our cool tips for hair stylist business card designs that work! Always give a good first impression to your clients, and business cards are a great tool to do that. 

Do you have more tips to share? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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