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Some Of The Best Tips For Hair Salon Decorations

Believe it or not, the success of hair salons depends a great deal on its appearance and decorations.

It doesn’t matter if all of your staff members are highly-trained professional hairstylist, it doesn’t matter if your hair products are all high quality– hell, it doesn’t even matter if you offer your services at the lowest price. If your hair salon looks like a dungeon where your hair goes to die, then prepare to file for bankruptcy.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but yes, hair salons will be judged on their decorations and how they look. In the hair and beauty industry, it’s all about making a statement, so make sure your hair salon’s decorations are trendy and on fleek!  

Looking for some hair salon decorating tips? Read the rest of this article!

Tip #1: Think of Your Target Audience

What sort of clientele do you have in mind for your hair salon? Do you mostly cater to young millennials who love edgy haircuts and bright hair colors? Then we suggest designing your place as “Instagram-worthy” as possible. 

Are you only after men clients? Put a lot of stainless steel accents and bold colors to project a masculinity vibe on the whole place.

Tip #2: Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold and Dramatic

If you feel like your hair salon looks very dull and boring that it sucks the energy out of everyone in the room, consider going for very bold decorations such as colorful wall drapes, oversized lamps or overhead lighting, or installing larger-than-life, towering mirrors. 

You can also try putting bold statement art or wall pieces to accentuate plain walls. Just make sure not to overdo it so your clients won’t feel overwhelmed!

Tip #3: Add Some Greenery

Whoever your target audience is, adding a splash of greenery around your hair salon gives off a serene, relaxing vibe. 

Add a few flower pots and display them in the corners of your hair salon. These fresh pops of colors will surely brighten your space! However, if you think flowers are a lot of work, you can opt for pretty little succulents that will make your salon “Insta-worthy” in no time.

Tip #4: Work Around a Theme

If you want everything in your hair salon to be uniform in design, then think of a theme and work around it. You can be as creative as you like, just remember to match your theme wherever the location of your hair salon is because you don’t want to be perceived as odd in your area. 

For example, if you’re thinking of a medieval salon theme, it would suit a place like countryside or a small urban town, not in a high-energy place like New York. 

Do a lot of research regarding this topic, and you might come up with something unique that will set you apart from your competitors!

Tip #5: Make a Phone Charging Station

Almost everyone in the world is on mobile, and sometimes, people cancel appointments for the mere reason of having to charge their phones. Yes, it’s true!

You can work on that need on your hair salon by offering a phone charging station, and we guarantee that your clients will LOVE YOU. You can amp up your preferred space by adding some chic or classy furniture– anything that would make your hair salon’s decorations stand out.

A gorgeous hairdo with a fully-charged phone afterward? EVERYONE would book an appointment!

Tip #6: Make Use of Natural Lighting

Sometimes, you can overdo it on the whole design of your hair salon’s decorations that your clients can’t help feeling iffy and cramped even if you have a big space. 

A great way to avoid this is by making use of natural lighting as much as possible. Having an oversized window display can instantly make any space feel bigger, more open, and more welcoming. 

Your other lighting equipment should complement the natural lighting you have going on. The whole vibe will make any client feel more relaxed which will make them more likely to book another appointment with you!

Tip #7: Don’t Overcrowd Your Space

We understand how you want to do your hair salon’s decorations as sleek and trendy as possible. However, you don’t want your whole space to feel cluttered. 

Your whole area will just seem messy, out of place, and your customers might get weirded out if you add too many design pieces. 

Learn how to balance your decorations by visiting some popular hair salons in your area. You could also draw inspiration online so you could come up with a cute idea!

Tip #8: Be Consistent With All the Spaces

Remember that every space in your salon is subject to judgment by every customer who walks in, so make sure to design every space accordingly.

You could have a fantastic and great-looking reception area, but your wash area looks gross and unsanitary. It can be a major turn-off to clients, so keep this in mind when doing your hair salon decorations. 

Keeping every space in your hair salon uniform and classy, and you’re good to go!

Tip #9: Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Space

You want to make a good impression with customers and passers-by even before they walk inside the doors of your hair salon, so do not forget your outdoor area! 

Invest in cool, attention-grabbing signage and add cute little touches to your window display. The people in your neighborhood will surely talk about you!

Tip #10: Leave Every Decision to Your Interior Designer

If you have the cash to spare, then by all means, hire an interior designer to decorate the space in your hair salon. They are experts in the field, so you won’t have to worry about ending up in a badly-designed salon! 

Just make sure to project all your ideas and preference to your hired designer. It would be a terrible waste of money if you and the designer had a misunderstanding with the design. Communicate your vision, and they will execute it in no time!

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