How To Come Up With The Perfect Hair Salon Name

Putting up your own hair salon is one of the most fun business ventures you could ever make. Add choosing a hair salon name to the list of fun tasks included in starting your hair salon.

Doing business out of your passion for beauty and aesthetics is an overall exhilarating experience.

However, there is a lot to consider and things to prepare before you can hit the ground running. From the perfect location to the brand logo, the products and services to offer, the checklist goes on.

But before you can get into any of that, there is one thing you should be giving high priority first— your hair salon name. 

Your hair salon name represents you and your brand. It’s the first thing your customers will remember about you, so if you think coming up with just a last-minute name is OK, you couldn’t be more wrong.

But don’t panic! If you’re suddenly getting a lot of stress in choosing your hair salon name, this article will guide you with all the tips, do’s, and don’ts regarding the subject. 

Let’s begin!


1. Domain Availability

You may be surprised why this is the first thing on this list. In today’s world, it’s rare for any business to succeed without some sort of digital marketing, and you want to consider this when putting up your hair salon. 

When brainstorming, make sure that the names you put on your list are available as domain names, as your business name should also be the name of your website or social media pages. 

There are a lot of free internet tools to check, so keep this in mind when doing the naming process. 

2. Start With The End

In the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey says, “Begin with the end in mind.”

This means before you start operating any business, spend significant time writing down your goal settings. 

Think far into the future. Imagine what your hair salon would be like in the next five years. What’s the environment going to be? Are you planning to expand in other services as well? 

Come up with some adjectives to describe the answers to these questions, and you may very well find the foundation of your hair salon name. 

3. Check for Trademarks

You could have thought of a cool hair salon name on your own with an available domain name. 

But before you go out and start printing logos and business cards, make sure to check with the Intellectual property Office (IPO) if your chosen name isn’t already taken within the same industry that you’re in or doesn’t have any pending trademarks. 

It could be a messy, financially-draining legal battle if you found out someone sued you for using their trademark name. So make sure to allot some time to check!

4. Think of Your Business Image

When brainstorming ideas for your hair salon name, always think of the mental image your business name will bring in your customers’ minds. 

For example, if you name your salon “Hair in Paradise,” your clients would expect a paradise-like experience when having their hair done.

If you call your salon “Eden,” then everyone will expect ultimate peace and relaxation when availing your services. 

Just the name of your hair salon can entice potential customers to check out your business, but it also has the same power to discourage them from coming, so choose wisely. 

5. Don’t Be Too Specific

Including your chosen trade in your business name might be a good idea– only if you never plan on branching out your services. 

What we mean is, if you call your hair salon, “The Hair Experience,” then your customers will expect that your salon does hair. 

However, if you want to diversify your services and include some spa treatments, for example, then it might be a little confusing for your clients that you will eventually have to change your salon name. 

This is an expensive mistake because you have to redo all your logos, business cards, websites, etc., and not to mention, you have to start building up the hype for your salon again because your clients know you by your former name!

It’s time-consuming, costly, and overall a bad idea. So keep this in mind. 


  • Make use of Homonyms – Homonyms are words that are pronounced the same as another word, but with different meanings. They can also be spelled the same way or not. 

 Homonyms are fun and clever, and some salons already make use of this trick.


  • Shear Perfection – You cut hair with shears….that’s cute.
  • A Cut Above The Rest – We cut hair…clever.
  • Do or Dye Salon – Common phrase, but we spell dye, as in hair color.
  • Tease Salon – A hair styling technique, and also somewhat scandalous.
  • Head Quarters Salon – No explanation needed!
  • Color Outside The Lines – For a salon focusing on hair color
  • Seattle International Hairport – Incorporate the city name and a play on words.
  • Salon Thairapy – Kinda catchy while identifying as a “hair” salon.
  • Tooth & Nail Salon – One especially for nail salons.
  • Make it Easy to Pronounce & Spell – When brainstorming hair salon name ideas, make sure the names you pick are easy to pronounce and can easily be spelled. 

Some business owners focus too much on thinking of a unique name that they come up with something too confusing for customers to remember. 

When choosing the best hair salon name, go for something short but sweet. Remember, word of mouth is still the best way to get your business noticed. And your customers can’t hype you up if they can’t even pronounce or spell your salon name!

  • Get Some Feedback – You may have finally come up with a name that you think is cool and catchy, but make sure to test it out first! 

Cool tip: Instead of your family and friends, test out the effectiveness of your hair salon name with your target audience. 

Create a poll on social media, hand out some flyers to your neighbors, and let them decide whether your chosen name is great with the masses. 

You don’t want to run your chosen hair salon name with your family and friends since they most likely will not be honest because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. 

At least with people you barely know, you probably won’t be too upset when they voice out their opinions! 


We hope that this article helps you a lot in choosing a hair salon name! Branding is a delicate process, and it can draw the line between success and failure of your products or services. 

Do you have any other cool tips to share? Comment down below!

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