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Hair Stylist Business Cards Tips and Designs That Work

Contrary to what everyone might think, business cards are still RELEVANT this 2020. Don’t believe anybody who says that hair stylist business cards are obsolete because they’re still an excellent tool in sharing information with your clients. If you’re a hairstylist who’s just starting out, or if you want to reach more clients through a…


Best Design Concepts For Hair Salon Logos

Opening up your own hair salon is always so exciting! Still, there’s so much that needs to be done before you can unveil your services to the public perfectly– and one of them is picking out your brand’s logo design. We want to offer six keys for hair salon logos.  Believe it or not, your…


How To Come Up With The Perfect Hair Salon Name

Putting up your own hair salon is one of the most fun business ventures you could ever make. Add choosing a hair salon name to the list of fun tasks included in starting your hair salon. Doing business out of your passion for beauty and aesthetics is an overall exhilarating experience. However, there is a lot…